Ross Dickerson

Ross from EHPlabs on Vimeo.

Ross is an online trainer based in England, who boasts one of the most aesthetic physiques in the game. His shredded figure is a result of commitment and enthusiasm for his lifestyle. He educates his followers with his online training tips and inspires them with his phenomenal conditioning.

Ross aims to not only motivate others to achieve a better body, but to change their outlook on life. He has definitely made his mark in the fitness industry and is one to keep an eye on!


What got you started in the fitness industry/bodybuilding?

While still at school, my mom bought me a series of PT sessions and it all went from there. I started going to the gym regularly, watched other people, learned and tried out different ways of training for myself. Just found I loved it. I also trained as a tennis coach and made my living from this until I discovered other people wanted to know about my training philosophy and methods.

Where does your motivation come from?

Finding other like-minded people and seeing them fulfil their goals, and even better helping other people wanting to do the same, and then seeing their results and how lives can be changed through fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s also important to keep reassessing my goals - I am right now focusing on my own long term personal fitness goals to make it sustainable and keeping it fresh and interesting, and also my business goals to transform my small business into a lifelong investment for me and my family. Having a purpose drives me.

What does your typical weekly workout plan look like?

Day 1- Chest and Biceps

Day 2- Quads and Hams

Day 3- Weighted Abs

Day 4- Back and Triceps

Day 5- Rest

Day 6- Shoulders & Traps

Day 7- Cardio & Abs

What is your favorite body part to train?

Back, biceps and legs

What are your thoughts on cardio? Do you prefer HIIT or LISS?

I am a big fan of HIIT cardio and find this is a big part of shedding body fat. Its also great to feel like you have really pushed yourself at the end of a HIIT session – I usually try to do 20 minutes with additional warmup and cool down.

When I’m bulking I’ll mainly do LISS for general fitness and cardio vascular health, using HIIT only as a tool to help control body fat gains if it becomes a problem.

What 3 items from your gym bag would you take with you on a deserted island?

My music, a jar of peanut butter and EHPLabs BUZZ!

What supplements do you use?

I keep my supplements fairly light but my staples I wouldn’t be without are whey protein and BCAAs from EHPLabs. I am also loving EHPLabs pre-workout BUZZ which I have started using recently and find it energises me to really push myself in every training session

What advice would you pass onto anyone that was looking to start their fitness journey and use supplements?

- Eat clean, avoid processed food and eat a lot

- Use supplements as they are meant to be used – as supplements not as substitutes for food

- Mix it up – tempo, variations of same exercise, etc.

- Always progress… increasing weight, making it harder every time.

In a typical week, what is your diet like?

Eating is a major priority and think about it constantly, so I always know where my next meal or snack is coming from. I cook and prepare everything in advance. When I am cutting I run my own carb cycling regime which I can fine tune as needed to get into the condition I want for competitions, photo shoots, etc., and I include it in plans for all my clients wanting to cut.

I only eat fresh foods and am a big believer in clean eating – this way I know exactly what I am putting in my body. I have also got to know what works for me by trying different things over the years – I have never used anyone else’s diet – always figured it out myself until I now know my body well enough to make the adjustments I need with confidence.

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