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If you asked a hundred different people which are better, cable machines or free weights, you’d get a very mixed bag of replies. The truth is, such arguments are pointless because the answer depends on the muscle you are targeting and the exercise you are performing. Both free weights and cables have advantages and disadvantages, and where some free-weight exercises are better than their cable counterpart, sometimes the opposite is true.

It’s not a good idea to skip breakfast, but eating cereal is not the best way to start your day. All that sugar means you’ll experience a big spike in blood glucose and insulin that will leave you feeling hungry again in just a couple of hours. Avoid this problem by planning your breakfast in advance and eating something other than cereal. Whatever your fitness goal, doing this one simple thing will help you get there faster.

The ketogenic diet is not for the faint-hearted. Expect a few unpleasant side-effects and also some carb cravings before you make it into ketosis. But, for those that survive the journey, the rewards are significant weight loss and noticeable fat loss in a few short weeks. And the carb ups on the cyclic ketogenic diet are a lot of fun too!

We live in a health and fitness obsessed society and not a day goes by where we don’t hear the terms ‘calorie’ or ‘macro’. For some of us these are terms that are familiar but for many of us, we are only just entering the land of the fitspo and we could use a crash course in nutrition.

While this workout has a definite old-school vibe, it will still increase your muscle size and strength. There are more complicated back workouts out there, but hard work beats fancy exercises and convoluted set and rep schemes every time. Try to increase the weights used by 2.5-5.0 percent each week, and you’ll soon start to see progress for your workouts.

Plagued by constant heartburn and feeling sluggish even though you eat a ‘healthy diet’, hit the gym, and aren’t overweight? While unhealthy diet and an unhealthy lifestyle tend to contribute to heartburn, they aren’t the only causes: even healthy, fit people can suffer from heartburn, as heartburn isn’t caused by any one specific trigger. Follow these tips to get moving in the right direction!

1st Aug 2017

Is Tuna Healthy?

Worried that your lunchtime sandwich or sushi order might be getting you into dangerous waters? You’re not alone. Many people worry about the amount of mercury in tuna after years of being regaled about the horrors of mercury poisoning. So, is tuna safe and healthy to eat?

Mastering the big three lifts can take years, but every workout provides an opportunity to strive for perfection. Focus on your technique as much as you focus on the weight you are lifting and you will make improvements. Lifting the same weight with better form is just as rewarding as more kilos on the bar.

30th Jul 2017


Backed by years of scientific research and development, RP Max utilizes clinically studied ingredients combined in optimal ratios to deliver unrivaled results! Get AMPLIFIED energy, ENHANCED focus, and MAXIMUM endurance to help you power through your toughest training sessions without the unwanted crash or jitters!

Studies have shown that consuming alcohol in the hours after exercise inhibits muscle growth, repair and weight loss. While abstinence isn’t most people’s first pick, no one wants to waste the time they’ve invested in the gym. Sure, it’s not always possible to avoid alcohol on the days that you work out- but the more you do, the more you set yourself up for results in fitness and muscle growth.

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