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If you’re hoping to prevent a cold or the flu this season (and really, who isn’t?) here are a few foods you should focus on- and a few you should skip.

In today’s fitness world, everyone has something to say about it. Some advice is extremely useful while others are complete BS. In this article we will look at some of the best bits of advice to hold onto when performing certain exercises which may help you hit that extra rep or break through that plateau you’ve been stuck on. It may also help reduce the risk of injury whereby your technique is the source of the problem, regardless; the tips provided below will serve as good value.

If you want to survive the rise of the dead, gear your workouts toward achieving these fitness and strength targets…

Many myths have befallen the world of diet and exercise. We’ve got all the details on four of the most perpetuating myths in the world of muscle so that you needn’t google or debate any longer.

When you are happy, you train harder, heal faster and progress far more efficiantly than people who are struggling mentally. These foods will help boost your mood naturally to have you firing on all cylinders at the gym! 

If you want your back to grow, you have got to include rows in your training program. Rows can add thickness to your back and work your all-important posterior deltoids, middle traps, and rhomboids – muscles that can enhance your posture and shoulder health.

Can you make it through an entire day without cheating on your diet? Take the interactive quiz and find out! 

Here are ten tips for maximizing your gym time. Not only will these tips help you save time, they’ll also increase the effectiveness of your workouts.  

The two most common ways to lose weight involve reducing either carbohydrates or fats in your diet, but which approach is right for your body type? 

There are lots of different ways to organise your weekly workouts – normally called training splits. The training split you choose needs to match the time you have available to work out, your level of experience, and your goals. They can all work, but some are better than others, depending on your individual needs.

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