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Unfortunately, most products marketed as snacks to those of us trying to be health-savy simply don't fit with the patterns of a typical American diet. Most Americans consume more Calories than they need in a single day, hence the obesity epidemic. If snacking is part of your everyday routine and you're not sure what consitutes a healthy snack, use our easy snack matrix to pick the snacks that work best for both your health and Caloric needs.

Some people do well training after a meal, while others feel sick if they exercise too soon after eating. Regardless of personal tolerance, it is important that you have something in the tank before working out. Find out why, and what you should be eating pre-workout.

Add a little spice to your day this Halloween with these scarily tasty protein treats! 

21st Oct 2016

Choc Hazelnut Ice Cream

Protein packed, DELICIOUS Chocolate Hazelnut Ice cream! Try this 5 minute recipe!

29th Sep 2016

Almond Butter Cup

Just like the peanut butter cup candy, only better for you! These raw almond butter cups are the perfect solution to any sweet craving!

22nd Sep 2016

5 minute Raspberry Fool

This recipe only takes 6 ingredients, and can be whipped up in 5 minutes!

Only 5 ingredients and SO DELICIOUS! Try this Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Shake recipe and thank us later!

15th Sep 2016

Protein Tiramisu

Only 5 ingredients and packed full of protein!

When choosing the best source of protein to eat, there are a few different options apart from skinless chicken breast!

If you’re new to the healthy eating department, consider the following choices for healthy, easy options to fill out your plate without a substantial hit to your waistline.


Switch up your breakfast with these delicious high protein chocolate peanut butter crepes!

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