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If you asked a hundred different people which are better, cable machines or free weights, you’d get a very mixed bag of replies. The truth is, such arguments are pointless because the answer depends on the muscle you are targeting and the exercise you are performing. Both free weights and cables have advantages and disadvantages, and where some free-weight exercises are better than their cable counterpart, sometimes the opposite is true.

While this workout has a definite old-school vibe, it will still increase your muscle size and strength. There are more complicated back workouts out there, but hard work beats fancy exercises and convoluted set and rep schemes every time. Try to increase the weights used by 2.5-5.0 percent each week, and you’ll soon start to see progress for your workouts.

Mastering the big three lifts can take years, but every workout provides an opportunity to strive for perfection. Focus on your technique as much as you focus on the weight you are lifting and you will make improvements. Lifting the same weight with better form is just as rewarding as more kilos on the bar.

20th Jul 2017

Glute Training for Men

Glute exercises don’t have to be embarrassing and, in fact, a lot of the best exercises don’t even look like butt exercises at all. Include these exercises on your normal leg workout and, as well as working your quads and hamstrings, you’ll also build a better butt. Whether you want improved athletic performance or just want your jeans to stay up on their own, glute training is a must for all!

Big biceps are cool but big triceps are cooler. If you want to make your arms look like you are wearing your teenage sisters’ T-shirt, it’s time to shine a light on your triceps and start working on your horseshoes!

There is no need to spend massive amounts of time training your arms with every curl variation you can think of. In fact, doing so can often be very counterproductive. Instead, build your workouts around the five exercises in this article, and you’ll not only develop bigger biceps, but you’ll build the rest of your body at the same time.

Nothing beats the results of a strong deadlift - it's one of the most productive exercises you can do. It works virtually every crucial muscle in your body, and is the ultimate test of strength. How do you get stronger? Follow this plan for 6-8 weeks, and you should soon hit a new deadlift record. Enjoy a week of light training, and then repeat the plan again.

These challenges are made to really test you and shake up your workouts. Training doesn’t have to be boring or easy, and cardio won’t rob you of your gains, bro. In fact, high intensity cardio compliments strength training like ketchup on chips. Don’t neglect the most important muscle in your body by skipping cardio, but don’t bore it to death with hamster workouts either!

When it comes to combining exercise and make up – they don’t get along. Wearing a full cake face while sweating up a storm can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. BUT that doesn’t mean you have to go cold turkey. If you feel you are suffering due to your cosmetic habits then give these strategies a try.

Your glutes really are a crucial body part and no matter your fitness goal, deserve the same degree of attention as all your other muscle groups. Whether you train them as part of your legs or have a specific glute day, with regular training, you’ll soon start to reap the benefits of stronger, more shapely glutes.

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