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Despite your best intentions, you may be inadvertently undermining your exercise progress by making one of these ten common workout mistakes. Don’t worry, though; you’ll soon start making the progress you deserve if you make just a few small changes!

Mastering these movement patterns can take time, and requires good instruction – which is probably why so many beginners find themselves on the leg extension machine instead of deadlifting!

Time spent on these 8 exercises now will save you a lot of time in the future, making your workouts more productive from the get-go.

Some argue that it should be done before weights, while others say it should most definitely be done after, and others still recommend you do it on a completely different day. So when exactly IS the best time for cardio?

Your shoulders are a very complex joint made up from numerous muscles. It’s the most
mobile joint in your body and capable of many different movements. However, that mobility
comes at the cost of stability, which make the shoulder joint one of the easiest to injure. With smart programming and good exercise technique, you should be able to build shoulders that not only look good, but are healthy and pain-free too.

If you are bored of cardio, or simply want to stop losing muscle as you shed fat, these supersets are a great training option. Remember to move as fast as you can between paired exercises, only resting after you have completed the second one. Feel free to make exercise substitutions to reflect your fitness levels and the equipment you have available.

22nd Aug 2017

5 Fat Burning Secrets

Exercise and eating right are crucial for weight loss and muscle gaining success. However, you can get even better results by boosting your metabolism. Put these tips into practice and you’ll reach your goals faster and easier. 

If you asked a hundred different people which are better, cable machines or free weights, you’d get a very mixed bag of replies. The truth is, such arguments are pointless because the answer depends on the muscle you are targeting and the exercise you are performing. Both free weights and cables have advantages and disadvantages, and where some free-weight exercises are better than their cable counterpart, sometimes the opposite is true.

While this workout has a definite old-school vibe, it will still increase your muscle size and strength. There are more complicated back workouts out there, but hard work beats fancy exercises and convoluted set and rep schemes every time. Try to increase the weights used by 2.5-5.0 percent each week, and you’ll soon start to see progress for your workouts.

1st Aug 2017

Gym Bag Essentials

If you go to a gym, you should find that your membership covers almost everything you need to have a productive workout. However, even the best gym will be missing a few useful items. Fill in the gaps by getting yourself a good-sized gym bag, and loading it with the following gym essentials. That way, you’ll always have what you need for the perfect workout.

Mastering the big three lifts can take years, but every workout provides an opportunity to strive for perfection. Focus on your technique as much as you focus on the weight you are lifting and you will make improvements. Lifting the same weight with better form is just as rewarding as more kilos on the bar.

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