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Alicia Gowans x EHPlabs

A hugely prominent and respected figure in the fitness industry, Alicia is a two time and current World Champion in the global World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) Fitness +35 Diva category. She was inducted as a Global Ambassador for the WBFF and in 2017 was awarded the prestigious Female Model of the Year award. After earning her pro card 5 years ago, she has immediately taken a huge role within the WBFF and won 4 crowns in international pro shows around the world.

Alicia holds over 15 years of fitness industry experience, is a ISSN & Precision Nutrition Accredited trainer and true industry specialist. She acts as a mentor and mindset coach to all of her clients as well as other industry professionals seeking guidance in personal development, goal setting and mindset strengthening.


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Partnering Up with EHPlabs

"Optimising health is the primary focus for all that I do - as an athlete and as a coach, so for me, a partnership with a brand such as EHP was an undeniable fit. EHPlabs is dedicated to providing cutting edge products and ensuring enhanced performance. The fact that the brand has an energy and core values similar to my own made the transition seamless. EHPlabs is not an organisation; it’s a family bringing together likeminded people, athletes, and influencers to help motivate and educate the masses.

In my line of work - changing people's lives for the better is what I strive to do everyday through education, empowerment and coaching. EHP does the same through the creation and supply of top quality products designed to improve the health of every human no matter what their fitness goals are.

Together we are a great team!"