Don't Sweat it off! 

Generally speaking, your instincts are on point when it comes to combining exercise and make up – they don’t get along. Wearing a full cake face while sweating up a storm can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. BUT that doesn’t mean you have to go cold turkey. If you’re one of the lucky ones that doesn’t seem to suffer from breakouts when you cover up and sweat then by all means continue with your methods, however, if you do feel you are suffering due to your cosmetic habits then why not give these strategies a try?

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Skin Care Guide: 

  1. Foundation 

  2. This is generally not recommended, but if you must, look for ‘noncomedogenic’ formulas which basically means they do not clog your pores

  3. Lip Balms

  4. Instead of lipstick try lip stains and waterproof tinted lip balms

  5. Mineral make up

  6. Shouldn’t budge, anti-microbial and water-resistant. Choose non-reflective options. Bronzers are often mineral based and super versatile

  7. Concealer

  8. Once again shouldn’t budge. Apply to problem spots and areas only

  9. SPF

  10. Is essential if you’re exercising outdoors – choose a sweat-resistant option so it doesn’t run into your eyes and sting. Tinted moisturisers tend to be quite low SPF and don’t handle sweat very well so it may be wiser to choose a purpose built sun cream and then add concealer or mineral powder on top.

  11. AVOID 

  12. Lip gloss when exercising outside as it can cause lips to burn

  13. Water resistant products especially for the eyes, we don’t want no panda eyes now, do we?

  14. Cleanse after your workout 

  15. The products you have on your skin can combine with sweat to clog up your pores – handy face wipes are a great option if you’re on the go, or you can even get a travel size face wash to pop in your gym bag. Don’t forget to moisturise afterwards!


Pre and post workout beauty regime



  1. Pre-workout

  2. - Clean your face and wipe off any remaining coverage you may have from the day so far

  3. - SPF up! Protect your skin with the appropriate coverage for your workout, aim for high SPF and sweat resistant if you’ll be outside

  4. - Apply your chosen coverage - Mineral powder and/ or concealer is a good starting point, you can also add water-resistant eye makeup and a lip balm or lip tint/stain to add a pop of colour that won’t slide right off.

  5. Post-workout

  6. - After your workout cleanse and moisturise with either a cleansing wipe or your chosen face wash.