The first thing you must understand is that the digestive system is essential to your overall health. You should always follow a well-balanced diet. It is vital in order to maintain proper health and achieve the maximum results of any fitness program.

A nutritionally sound diet also boosts the immune system making it much less likely you will miss a day due to poor health. There is also the matter of nausea which can occur for any number of reasons. It is a good idea to have a few tricks up your sleeve just in case.


Nervous Nausea

You will probably experience nausea several times throughout your life. Some of the best remedies to tame a sour stomach may be those that grandma used once upon a time. Freshly steeped peppermint tea and honey is an age old remedy. Ginger and chamomile tea help ease a sour stomach as well.

These herbs can also be added to protein shakes and nutritional smoothies. The best method is to incorporate one or all three into pre-workout shakes. If you have a brand that you are loyal to, simply make the tea, which is also known as an infusion, and mix your supplements with it. It may be a good idea, if possible, to lay off the caffeine portion of the drink as it can exacerbate nausea.

A+ Absorption

Papayas are excellent for nausea of just about any type and contain many health beneficial nutrients. Papayas are a popular fruit because they are delicately sweet and delicious. If you are not a fan of this particular fruit, papain tablets are also available. Papain is the enzyme which is found in the flesh of the papaya. It has been used for many digestive issues for hundreds of years.  

Papaya, or papain tablets, are an excellent addition to a pre-workout, post-workout, or heath smoothie, especially if you like the taste. This enzyme not only relieves nausea, but aids in digestion. It has been used to reduce fluid retention, inflammation, and to relieve diarrhea. Papain improves nutrient absorption through enhancing the digestive health and, in turn, aids in delivering the proper nutrients throughout the entire body.


Probiotic Boost

Yogurt is another excellent, natural remedy to relive nausea and to enhance digestion. It is best not to consume it during illnesses that cause actual vomiting, but it will sooth a sour stomach. The most beneficial types of yogurt are those without sugars such as high fructose corn syrup. The bacteria in yogurt enhances the digestive system by replacing some of the good bacteria required for proper absorption and digestion. A natural yogurt flavored with chunks of fresh papaya offers several health benefits at once.  

Yogurt is a great ingredient to incorporate into all sorts of shakes and papaya will only heighten the taste as well as performance. There are numerous flavors of frozen yogurt to add or eat plain as a healthy treat after hitting the gym. Look for those with a high calcium content as well as vitamins and minerals.

Hangover Horrors

One of the most common reasons for nausea is consuming too much alcohol. Most everyone experiences at least one hangover horror. Hangovers are also one of the predominant reasons people miss gym days. This is very counterproductive and much like a one two punch to your health.  Incidentally excessive drinking in and of itself wreaks havoc on the immune system.  

Drinking alcohol introduces all sorts of toxins into the body. One of the best ways to detox yours is to work out and sweat it out. It is essential to drink plenty of fluids as well. Both alcohol and sweating can severely dehydrate your body. Free flowing fluid also helps detoxify your body. In addition to this, consuming alcohol depletes your store of potassium. There are many foods which provide potassium and taste great making them perfect ingredients to nutrition drinks.

  • - Coconut Water 488mg per full cup

  • - Yogurt 625mg per full cup

  • - Bananas 268mg per ½ cup

  • - Apricots 213mg per ½ cup

  • - Guava 344mg per ½ cup

  • - Kiwi 294mg per ½ cup

  • - Passion Fruit 410mg per ½ cup

There are a number of methods to alleviate your upset stomach which can be easily incorporated into your gym program. They also offer other health and nutrition benefits and should not be used only for nausea.

For example, consuming yogurt provides calcium, protein, and good bacteria which promotes positive digestive health. Even a couple of cups each week can produce great results.