If your weight loss has suddenly ground to a frustrating halt, you’re likely not on the best terms with your scale.


During a period of weight loss, consistent progress on the scale is inherently motivating- a reason to keep pushing through workouts and abstaining from cheeseburgers, alcohol, or your preferred vices.


When the scale suddenly stops showing change, it’s natural to become demoralized and want to quit- why put in all the effort for no results?


If you’ve found yourself in the dreaded “plateau zone”, don’t fret- there are ways to get the scale moving again, but first, it requires troubleshooting why your losses have stopped in the first place.


Plateaus ultimately occur for 1 of 2 reasons:


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You’ve changed your routine


This is the most common cause of a weight loss plateau and the easiest to fix. It’s all too easy to inadvertently change your diet or exercise routine in a way that affects the rate of your weight loss.


While rate of weight loss does naturally slow through the weight loss process (we’ll get to that in a minute), many people begin allowing themselves little extras or indulging in one too many treat meals partway through their weight loss journey. Assess your habits, turning over every rock as you pick your way through your daily routine to find where you might have strayed.


You’re naturally plateauing


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Natural plateaus occur as you move closer to your goal weight. Your Caloric deficit is less because your body is smaller. At the beginning of a weight loss routine, a larger body requires more Calories, so reducing to a number close to the number needed to maintain at your goal weight will naturally peel the pounds off quickly.


As you move closer and closer to your goal weight, your rate of weight loss will naturally slow. If you’re diligently measuring food, accounting for Calories, and you’ve not changed your exercise routine in any way, stay the course! The weight will come off eventually.


If you find yourself in the same place in a month, reassess your Caloric intake and consider meeting with a dietitian to find out if you’re eating the right number of Calories for your goal weight.

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