Are you working out today? Are you going to the gym, running outside, or exercising at home? Whatever you choose to do, will you earn your cake?


We’ve all seen them: the guy on the treadmill totally disinterested in his workout and just going through the motions at a slow pace, or the woman in the back of Zumba class making a half-hearted attempt to keep up with the instructor. Then there’s the guy relaxing on the weight bench as he reads his text messages and takes selfies, totally oblivious to the people around him.


Yes, they are working out, but are they really earning their cake?


Going Through the Motions


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When you work out are you giving it your all? Are you working to be the best you can be, or just doing enough to get by? Whatever the case may be, it’s time to be true to yourself.


In actuality, this type of thinking is used in many areas of life and is quite effective: we meet the minimum requirements to graduate from school, or we go to work and do exactly what our boss tells us to do, no more, no less. We put forth the least amount of time (and effort) required to get the job done and are satisfied with the outcome. Many people would call this “the path of least resistance.”


Taking shortcuts is a way of life for some, but this does not work when it comes to our health. What they must realize is doing enough to get by might please your boss, but that same thought process will also leave their body dissatisfied. As a result, they’ll never earn their cake. They’re only hurting themselves when they do this.


Be True to Yourself


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Ask yourself the following questions:


  • When you work out, do you push yourself, or do you tend to hold back?

  • Is your effort just as high when your personal trainer isn’t there to push you or when alone?

  • Do you try a little harder because your crush is watching, but barely break a sweat when there’s no eye candy in the vicinity?


You may be able to trick your boss, your parents, or your teachers into thinking you’re working hard and doing a great job, but there’s one person who knows the truth. When you look in the mirror, you know deep down if you’re earning your cake. To get stronger, lose weight, gain muscle or get in peak physical condition, you must earn your cake. Anything less will result in a life of mediocrity and unfulfilled dreams.


It’s time to change your mindset about your workouts.


Action Steps


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When it comes to your health, no one can pick up the slack or do the job for you. It’s your responsibility and yours alone to ensure that you are doing everything you can to be in the best shape possible. Here are some great ways to start earning your cake:


  1. Set goals. Having a tangible goal that must be met within a certain period of time will motivate you to push yourself. Sign up for a 5k, adventure race or promise to post before and after pics on social media by a certain date.


  1. Change your mindset. Remind yourself that if cut your workout short, miss a workout, or barely break a sweat, the only person who gets cheated is yourself. It’s YOUR health that suffers, not the guy on the bike next to you.


  1. Do something you enjoy. In most cases, if we are bored or disinterested in something, we won’t give it our all. On the other hand, if we are passionate about an activity we will put more effort into it and excel. Find exercises you enjoy and do those instead of doing what others are doing.


There’s an unlimited supply of cake available, but you have to work for it. Are you earning your cake? Only you know the truth, and only you can give yourself a slice.