Plant-Based Flavor Feast

The thing that you often hear a lot of people saying that keeps them from really embracing plant-based eating is that eating just plants is boring. Many believe that when you remove animal products from your life, you also remove flavor and excitement from your meals. Today we’re going to show you that this couldn’t be further from the truth!

A lot of western cuisines do rest on their laurels and rely on animal products to be the centerpiece of a lot of meals. But as soon as you start to explore the world and its different cultures, you will be exposed to all manner of foods that are bursting with flavor, many of which are completely plant-based. You will find that many cultures have signature plant-based dishes they are famous for, and there are even some cultures that traditionally follow a completely plant-based diet. On a side note, you may also find that many of those cultures that traditionally eat only plant foods, also just happen to live the longest… coincidence? Not likely!

Creating a seriously tantalizing plant-based meal does not take a rocket scientist, actually, all it really takes is a few key ingredients and a little practice. So whether you are following a diet that relies solely on plants or you are looking to decrease your consumption of animal products, we have a few tips for you to make sure you are not missing out on flavor!

Stock up Your Herbs and Spices Cabinet

Herbs and spices add so much flavor even to the simplest dish, plus they can provide unique and healthful nutrients and they can be super affordable. Save this image as a guide to using your herbs and spices to suit your cuisine of choice:


Combine these flavors to create a meal inspired by one of these cultures, or experiment with your favorite combinations to create something unique that really speaks to your personal taste buds.

2. Get Saucy!

Just like animal foods, plant-based foods often have the capacity to take on flavors they are exposed to, this means marinading is your friend! You can create countless different kinds of sauces or marinades that will imbibe zest into your plant-based creations. The key here is to start simple, grow your confidence, and then the world will become your plant-based oyster!

Check out our recipe for simple peanut satay temper skewers below. This is the perfect recipe to use for meal prep, so cook a few extras and pop them in our brand new Blessed Bento Box to enjoy again the next day.

Peanut Satay Tempeh Skewers

3. Load It Up!

Another important tool you have in your plant-based cooking arsenal is mixing foods and flavors, so don’t be shy when it comes to filling your plate. The world is large and so is the potential for food and flavor combinations. Many vegans are guilty of eating the same couple of foods on the reg, but it need not be this way!

Next time you do your groceries, check out what is on special in the fresh food section - these are often the foods that are in season. See what different and exciting foods are available for a really affordable price and build your meal around this ingredient.

It’s also important to remember that often plant-based, whole food diets tend to be lower in calories than a traditional diet that is based around animal products. Plus plant-based foods themselves tend to be lower in calories in comparison. This may mean you can afford to really load up your plate with a wide variety of foods when you eat a plant-based, so why not mix things up? Try adding some chickpeas, lentils, or seeds to your meals, or maybe throwing a few extra veggies into your post-workout smoothie. Check out our Loaded Sweet Potato recipe below for some inspo:

Mexican-Style Loaded Sweet Potato and Chickpeas


These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wide array of delicious possibilities that go hand in hand with eating plant-based foods, but they’re a great starting point! Try these tips and recipes, and then you can start to build your own repertoire of healthy, flavorsome meals and snacks. Don’t forget to tag us in your creations @blessedprotein and show us how you are using our brand new Blessed Bento Box in your day to day life!