Pre-workout supplements and fat-burners are awesome at first, but depending on your usage, you might notice diminishing returns fairly quickly. Why is that?


1. You build up a tolerance to caffeine

Most pre-workouts and fat-burners are stimulant-based, meaning they stimulate the body’s central nervous system. Caffeine is the energizing compound commonly found in soft drinks, tea and coffee. Caffeine Anhydrous, however, is found to be more potent hence its presence in many dietary supplements. Caffeine anhydrous decreases fatigue, improves performance and alertness and enhances the use of free fatty acids.

So let’s say one scoop of your pre-workout contains 150mg of caffeine. If you take one scoop once a day for two weeks, chances are you’ll feel less of a kick on the 14th day than you did on the 1st day. This is because you have built up a tolerance to caffeine and your body has desensitized itself in a way.

To bring back the effect, you need to cycle off caffeine and caffeine anhydrous, so if you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll want to switch to decaf for a while until it’s out of your system. As a general rule of thumb, use your pre-workout tub until it is finished, then take a week off before opening a new one!


2. Your supplements are cancelling each other out

There are certain supplements that only work in the presence or absence of another. Take Yohimbine HCL, a popular ingredient in many pre-workouts and fat-burners, for example. Yohimbine HCL helps in mobilizing stubborn fat areas such as the love handles, inner thighs and hips. It requires a low insulin environment, otherwise it is rendered useless. If you take Yohimbine HCL with BCAAs or waxy maize, both of which spike insulin, you’re negating the effects of Yohimbine HCL.


3. You’re relying on your supplements too much

Supplements are not intended to keep you standing after 2 all-nighters in a row. Fat-burners and pre-workouts are not crutches. Two scoops of pre-workout will do nothing if you’re already running on fumes to begin with. Sure you’ll feel a little buzzed, but you’ll eventually crash and be even more exhausted than before.

Supplement abuse is not to be taken lightly, especially when you’re dealing with unhealthy lifestyle habits. Think of pre-workouts and fat-burners as mini boosts, not jetpacks that propel you off the ground.


4. You have adrenal fatigue

Stimulants cause the release of stress hormones so it’s no wonder that overtraining combined with pre-workouts, fat-burners, energy drinks, cigarettes and slimming teas can cause adrenal fatigue. If you’re always tired, have headaches or zero motivation, or are generally slow to do anything, you might be suffering from underfunctioning adrenals.

To reduce crashes and prevent adrenal fatigue, use supplements that have crash buffers and use a combination of both anhydrous caffeine and natural sources, such as guarana seed extract. This still allows for the original spike in energy, but also helps to level it out and create longer lasting energy! 

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