Abs complete a physique and are bound to turn heads. But are there supplements out there that will help blast away the fat from problem areas and leave you with washboard abs?

The short answer is No, but the long answer is Yes. It’s the combination of relentless hard work in and out of the gym. Reducing your body fat to reveal your abs, is a combination of choosing a diet which is sustainable long term and a training program which allows you to develop and train your abs consistently (2-3x per week). Like any other body part, your abs are a muscle. To see your abs your diet is key, but to fine tune them, your ab workouts will definitely help. Some of the supplements which will help you achieve this goal are:

OXYWHEY LEAN PROTEIN (get yours here!)

While protein is linked predominantly with muscle growth, there are studies highlighting its effectiveness in burning fat. One of the main reasons is due to an increase in strength (and subsequently the amount you can lift), your body’s metabolic rate is increased. Therefore, a higher metabolic rate = more calories burnt. Fat loss and progress in the ab region go hand in hand!

OXYSHRED (get yours here!)

This is definitely a supplement we hold in high regard when it comes to fat burning. OxyShred is a potent fat burner, loved by many, and dosed with efficacious antioxidants. Thermogenesis is achieved by your body by producing more sweat during exercise thanks to a higher body temperature (workout intensity). While aiming for fat loss and abs, an increased level of fat-cell breakdown is key, particularly in stubborn areas.

ACETYL L-CARNITINE (get yours here!)

Acetyl L-Carnitine is an amino acid that transports fat to the muscles which are then burned through your workout. The benefits that this supplement carries are not limited to that however, as it also promotes muscle recovery. This is imperative as it will allow you to re-enter the gym quicker to continue blasting your abs. Acetyl L-Carnitine has also been proven to spike concentration in times where a low-carb diet impacts brain function.


As you can see, all of these supplements serve their purpose in the fat loss process, which is a compulsory part of chiselling away at your abs. Remember, it is extremely difficult to spot reduce, so put emphasis on a holistic workout instead of training one area every session. This will ensure fat loss around the entire body!