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Oxyshred Ultra Thermogenic has has helped millions of people throughout their weight loss journeys. With the introduction of OxyShred Non-Stim and OxyShred Hardcore, we ask the question, which OxyShred is right for you?

9th Oct 2019

Sleep Yourself Fitter!

Did you know that almost 40% of adults don’t get enough sleep! How much sleep you need is completely individual and changes from person to person, but most experts agree you need between 6 and 9 hours per night. If you are suffering from bad sleep, you won’t get the results you deserve from your workouts!

9th Oct 2019

Desk Warrior Stretches

Whatever your fitness goal, sitting down all day is probably taking you further away from it. Sitting causes a pattern of tightness and weakness that can affect how you look, feel, and perform – all negatively. You’re probably sitting right now, reading this!

Breathing is one of the ways that humans can actively help to soothe the body’s systems in moments of stress or anxiety. Practices like yoga, tai chi and meditation build resilience to stress by using the breath to persevere and be present with the breath, which calm the body and removes the focus from stress.

Most people believe in order to get great results at the gym, you have to be in the gym all day, everyday. When you couple that with busy lifestyles with work, family, friends and everything else in between, a lot of people give up because they feel they can’t commit to such a time consuming task.

So you’re trying to lose body fat, gain muscle, or work towards some type of body composition goal. You’ve been weighing yourself regularly, hoping for that number to change, and you’re starting to feel frustrated with the lack of progress.

In today’s society, most of us have very busy schedules. Most of us have more than one job, we have our children's events that we need to attend, social obligations, among a plethora of other things. How in the world can you fit training into the mix of all your other priorities?

Glutamine is one of twenty amino acids. When the body consumes foods that contain protein (meat, eggs, dairy, beans etc.) it breaks the protein down into basic building blocks called amino acids. The body can then use these amino acids (there are 20 different ones) for building and repairing as needed throughout the body.

You take your training seriously, working on those goals to build muscle, get leaner, move faster or for longer, constantly pushing hard in the gym for maximum results. But could you be doing TOO much of a good thing?

The fitness industry is SATURATED right now with personal trainers, coaches, and other fitness professionals. Gyms are filled with PT’s, and you can find hundreds of online health & fitness coaches with one simple scroll of your Instagram feed – but how do you know which trainer/coach to choose?

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