The back is one of the most important muscle groups in the body, and is also one of the most neglected. Having a strong back is important for basic functions, but it can be weakened by having poor posture and by sitting for extended periods of time. Weak back muscles increase the risk for injuries, but the inverted row is a great way to keep the back healthy and strong.


Many people inadvertently neglect the back by focusing primarily on “pushing” chest exercises such as bench presses, pushups and other exercises that focus on the chest. This can cause muscle imbalances that can lead to injury.


The Inverted Row


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The inverted row is an excellent exercise that works the back, biceps, trapezius muscles (traps) and the surrounding stabilizer muscles. Like pushups, it requires no equipment and uses a person’s bodyweight for resistance.


The inverted row is an exercise that can be done at the gym or in the comforts of your own home with little equipment.


Inverted Row at the Gym


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  • - Lie on the floor underneath the bar

  • - Grab the bar firmly with an overhand grip

  • - Exhale and pull your body up towards the bar

  • - Inhale and lower to starting position

  • - Repeat


Note. Keep body straight and maintain control throughout the exercise.


Inverted Row at Home. The inverted row can be performed at home as well using a sturdy table:


  • - Lay underneath the table

  • - Hold onto the edge of the table shoulder width apart

  • - Exhale and pull yourself upwards

  • - Let your chin touch the table

  • - Exhale and slowly lower to starting position

  • - Repeat


Note: Inverted rows can also be performed using a sheet or resistance bands by looping them around a sturdy object like a pipe, stairs or bannister.


If working out at home, a good rule of thumb is to do pushups and inverted rows evenly. This will ensure muscle symmetry as well as overall improved strength and conditioning.


 Health Benefits of a Strong Back


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Having a strong back is key to good health. Here are three reasons to incorporate inverted rows into your existing workout routine:


  1. 1. Improved posture. A strong back can help improve posture. Poor posture has been linked to several ailments, including an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and death by over one hundred percent in each instance.1


  1. 2. Improved athletic performance. A strong back allows a person to perform movements efficiently, which can improve athletic performance.


  1. 3. Decreased risk of injury. Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office.2 Having a strong back decreases the risk of injury, and allows a person to twist and move freely without pain or discomfort.


Incorporate inverted rows into your workout today. Your body will thank you.