How to Train For Fat Loss - A Weekly Plan

You are looking to get shredded and you just want the basic formula. You google “training styles for fat loss”, and the information available is overwhelming. So, which exercises + workout methods are best for you leaning out, and helping you achieve your goals?

Today, we are going to simplify it and provide you with the basics... How you choose to make it your own + effort in your sessions will determine what results you achieve. The weekly training below is a guide for fat loss. Combine it with a healthy, reduced calorie diet and a selection of fat burning supplements and you’ll soon start to get lean!

Program Overview

Here is what a week of fat burning training looks like…

Feel free to move the workouts around so they fit your normal weekly schedule. Try not to put similar workouts back-to-back. E.g. Don’t strength train the same muscle group consecutively.

Monday – Strength Training and Walking

Strength training might seem like an odd way to start a week of fat burning. However, it is actually essential to your success. This form of exercise will increase your muscle mass, and speed up your metabolic rate. The benefit of strength training is not only in the workout itself, post workout your muscles will also bee tearing and repairing. The result? You’ll burn more calories 24/7, even while you sleep! It has also been proven to increase insulin sensitivity, so that your body can deal with carbs better.

Do the following workout at whatever time is convenient, making sure you spend a few minutes warming up before and cooling down after your training session.

Today’s program also includes walking. If your ultimate goal is fat loss than this is NOT optional. Many people are sedentary. Even if you exercise 4-6 times per week, you may still be too inactive to lose fat. Go for a brisk walk, and try to clock up 5,000 to 10,000 steps (minimum). It’s recommended to use an app or smartwatch to track your progress.

These steps don’t have to be done all at the same time – it’s fine to accumulate them over several walks. On your walks make sure you walk with purpose. You should feel warm, and slightly out of breath. Getting your steps up can also come from making the choice to move more regularly throughout the day. The aim over the coming weeks should be to progressively increase your step count to assist with fat loss.

Tuesday – Intervals and walking

Cardio is an important part of fat loss training. Depending on your time available slow-paced cardio may not be your best option. Interval training is faster and can be a more effective way to burn more calories if you are working at max effort. In addition, intervals increase your metabolism for several hours after your workout has finished! Also like strength training, interval training may also increase insulin sensitivity.

Jump on your favourite cardio machine and do the following workout. Go as fast as you can for the work intervals, and slow down and take it easy for the rest intervals.

Accumulate another 5,000-10,000 steps of walking today. Try to match or even beat yesterday’s walking performance!!! There is no room for mediocre on this program.

Wednesday – Strength Training

It’s time to get back in the gym and lift weights again. The workout is  similar in structure to Monday’s session, but features entirely different exercises to fatigue other muscle groups.

Thursday – Walking

Today is a day of active recovery. You won’t be lifting weights or doing interval training, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be entirely sedentary. Instead, get up and get out for a brisk walk and stretch. With no other training to do today, you should be able to walk further than you did on Monday and Tuesday.

Friday – Intervals and Walking

Today is a day for burning fat and getting fit! Fasted intervals (empty stomach) may also burn more fat. Instead of depending on glycogen for energy the body will be using fat stores. Do the same interval training program as Tuesday, but use a different cardio machine. Variety will shock the system and keep it exciting!

Later in the day, get out and walk, at least as far as you did earlier in the week. Constantly look for walking opportunities to increase your daily step count, which may include:

  • • Walk to/from work

  • • Walk to the store

  • • Walk during your lunch break

  • • Walk your kids to school

  • • Walk your dog

  • • Walk to see colleagues instead of calling or emailing them

  • • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift

Saturday – Strength Training and Walking

You’ve got a day off tomorrow, make sure you finish your week off on a high! Push yourself in the gym, and later in the day. Ensure you clock up those all-essential 5,000-10,000 step!

Sunday – Rest

Rest day doesn’t mean that fat loss shouldn’t be on your mind! This is your day to: plan and prepare next week’s meals, measure your progress, take circumferential measurements / get your body fat levels checked and take progress pictures. Most importantly, do not undo your week of hard work by rewarding yourself with a huge cheat day. It is recommended to still keep your step count up. It’s also okay to take it easy today if your body needs the rest!!

This plan will only work if you do! Push yourself in the gym, eat healthily, take your supplements, and be consistent. It may take some time and effort to reach your fat loss goals.