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Can you really earn a cheat meal? Or is this type of thinking counter-intuitive if you actually want to progress? Find out if you can have your cake and eat it too! 

More often than not, you’ll see a person at the gym wearing a nice workout shirt, or you’ll go for a jog and see runners wearing fancy running shoes, sunglasses and running attire. Why is that? Why do some people wear fancier attire, while others opt for plainer items? The answers are surprising.

Training and eating healthily are only part of the fitness and health equation. What do the rest of the time is of equal importance. Align your lifestyle to your health and fitness goals and you WILL get the progress you deserve. However, if you don’t, your workouts will never be as productive as they could be.

The symptoms of sleep deprivation are obvious – you feel tired – and it’s all too easy to mask these symptoms with coffee and energy drinks but not getting enough sleep can cause weight gain and inhibit weight loss. Find out why!

Easily distracted at the gym? You could be leaving gains on the table! Maximize your workout by maintaining Mind Muscle Connection. Here is 4 different ways to enhance the Mind Muscle Connection.

If you are fed up with failing, find it hard to stick to your diet, or keep breaking your commitment to exercise regularly - it might be time for you to develop a military mindset.

Why is it that some people can go to the gym regularly and get great results and others struggle? Sometimes the results can be traced back to diet and body type, but other times there doesn’t seem to be an obvious reason. Sometimes, the issue is the lack of mind muscle connection when working out.

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