We all know that a glass of red wine or two may lead to an interesting evening, but what other foods can we incorporate into our lives if we wish to increase our gains in the boudoir?


Snack on these!

  1. 1. Spinach and other dark leafy greens, green tea, ginger, and chilli lead to increased blood flow which can improve things in the nether regions.

  3. 2. Red meat, specifically for the ladies, due to its iron content. Women are more susceptible to lacking iron which can lead to tiredness and stress - these are definitely not mood boosters.

  5. 3. Bananas & potatoes, as they are high in potassium - this fights the negative effects of salty foods on blood flow (see below).

  7. 4. Salmon and omega rich foods such as avocado, nuts and seeds– increase blood flow to down below and can also improve the brain’s dopamine levels which influence our desire to get on down. Can also positively affect how ‘dry’ us ladies feel.

  9. 5. Oysters and pine nuts; these are rich in zinc, which have a positive effect on testosterone and growth hormone, and thus impact our ability to perform physically.

  11. 6. Specifically for the dudes: blueberries, nuts, watermelon, oats and garlic all contain nutrients that positively impact blood flow and have been associated with decreased incidence of ED (erectile dysfunction)


Move it!

Exercise increases blood flow, also increases strength, mobility and sometimes flexibility, as well as boosts confidence; all massive turn-ons!



Try to avoid these!

  • 1. Salty foods as they impede blood flow making climax more difficult, and they may increase bloating - not an aphrodisiac at all!

  • 2. Highly processed foods as these are not nutrient dense, and it is those vital little nutrients that keep our blood flowing smoothly, our hormones at optimum levels and our bodies running the way they should, which are all essential to getting in the mood.

  • 3. Alcohol (especially beer), marijuana, soft drinks (especially diet), high sugar foods, foods that contain trans fats - basically all the foods that you know aren’t that healthy tend to have a negative effect on libido and performance in the bedroom.


Moderation & Delivery

Remember that one-off consumption of the above foods probably WON'T provide extreme results, but by incorporating the recommended foods into your lifestyle you may see some pleasant outcomes.

Don’t forget about the delivery – any food can be a libido lifter if it is created under the right circumstances, be it a surprise candlelit dinner, a thoughtful lunch made with love that includes a raunchy note, or simply picking up your partner’s favourite protein bar on the way home from work. Eating the right foods and exercising can enhance your sex life, but so can a little bit of care and attention, try these tips out and see what gets the best results for you!

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