Maintaining Your New Year Momentum 

The New Year has come and gone. Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? Did you know that only 41% of people make New Year’s Resolutions, and barely half of them make it past January!

There’s a bunch of reasons people give up too soon, but here are the most common excuses:

It’s too hard

Their goals are too lofty

Resolutions are unrealistic

Lack of detailed planning

Lack of belief in themselves 

In order to accomplish our resolutions, it’s critical that we understand the various pitfalls that might come our way. The first couple weeks in January may seem easy enough, but what about late February or March? This is when we must anticipate some of our toughest challenges and ways to overcome them.

Staying on Course When Times Get Tough

There are many ways to stay focused and motivated to complete your New Year’s Resolutions. While each are effective on their own, your chance of success will increase if you use them together:


Having the proper frame of mind is the key to accomplishing your New Year’s Resolutions. Most times, people quit because they are defeated mentally. I give a lot of mindset advice in my programs to help you along the way, but here are a few tips on how to stay mentally sharp and focused when things become difficult:

Remind yourself why you started the challenge in the first place

Avoid negative people who encourage you to quit

Repeat positive affirmations daily:

Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals!

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The foods we eat play a bigger role in our success than most people realize. For example, when we are stressed, angry, or upset we tend to eat our favorite comfort foods, which usually have little nutritional value and are high in fat and calories - this then creates a mindset pattern where your body remembers the situation and how you coped last time, so the next time it happens you will crave the same thing!

Recent studies have also found that fast food is linked to a greater risk of depression. The problem with this is that depression impairs you mentally and significantly decreases your chance of achieving your goals. Long story short - what you eat is what fuels you, so embrace high quality, nutritious foods and you will notice the difference.

Here are the best foods to eat (and avoid) for success:

Eat these for Success

Avoid these for Success



Fresh fruit


Fresh veggies




Fish + lean meats

Fast Food

Fermented foods

Fried foods

Herbal tea

GMO foods

Dark chocolate

Sugary snacks


Some people enjoy training and exercise while others struggle through it. In either case, switching up your routine is a great way to stay fresh and alleviate any boredom:

Change the intensity - If you have been focusing on high intensity exercise, try a few low intensity exercises instead, and vice versa. Instead of spin class, try walking or yoga. Instead of walking, try jumping rope or a boot camp class as an alternative.

Take a day off - A little rest can do your body the world of good. Taking one day every other week will not cause a decrease in your fitness. In fact, sometimes that break may be exactly what your body needs (mentally and physically.)


Everyone has moments of weakness. Instead of dealing with it alone, seek the support of those who can understand what you’re going through and have been in your situation. Join groups (online or in person) with like-minded people that can relate to your struggles and keep you inspired.

Completing your New Year’s Resolutions may be difficult, but they aren’t impossible. By making a few adjustments, reaching your goals is that much easier.