Non-Scale Victories To Celebrate During Your Health & Fitness Journey

Mark Robinson | EHPlabs

So you’re trying to lose body fat, gain muscle, or work towards some type of body composition goal. You’ve been weighing yourself regularly, hoping for that number to change, and you’re starting to feel frustrated with the lack of progress.

We’ve all been there! Sometimes the scales just don’t move the way we want them to. But does that actually mean you aren’t progressing? Sometimes we get too caught up in the numbers, particularly when on a weight loss journey, but it’s important to remember that there are several other indicators of progress, often not only showing you that you are in fact reducing body fat (hellooo reduced waist measurement!) but also that you are absolutely KILLING your journey in other ways too!

Here are some important Non-Scale Victories (NSV’s) to celebrate along the way, to keep you motivated and able to recognize the progress you are making that may not be reflected on the scale!


1 - STRENGTH IMPROVEMENTS – are you getting stronger, or performing your lifts better than ever?

2 - BECOMING FITTER/FASTER – has your run time improved, or are you getting more rounds in on that AMRAP you struggled with a few weeks ago?

3 - MORE/BETTER QUALITY SLEEP – is your new training & nutrition routine helping you get a restful, better quality sleep, or more energy when you wake?

4 - BETTER DIGESTION FROM ADEQUATE FIBER INTAKE – have you been concentrating on healthier, more nutrient/fiber dense food choices that are helping you FEEL lighter and less bloated?

5 - HITTING THE GYM CONSISTENTLY "X" TIMES EACH WEEK – have you kept up with your routine better than ever before?

6 - IMPROVED RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD/LESS GUILT – are you making more balanced food choices and have a better relationship with food than previously?

7 - CLEARER SKIN FROM SUFFICIENT H20 – are you getting in that daily water target and are noticing the physical improvements?

8 - CLOTHES FITTING BETTER – are your work pants looser, down a notch on your belt hole, or clothes fitting noticeably differently?

9 - IMPROVED ENERGY LEVELS – is your training/nutrition program helping you FEEL better, in terms of energy, optimism or maybe positivity? Maybe you are able to get through your workday with less fatigue and energy spikes and dips.

10 - DITCHING A BAD HABIT/CREATING A NEW POSITIVE ONE – have you stopped that late-night snacking, ditched the cigarettes, or implemented a new healthy habit that will benefit you long term?

11 - IMPROVING PORTION CONTROL OR CRAVINGS MANAGEMENT – can you now stop at one cookie instead of four? Able to satisfy yourself with a healthy meal and not overeat? Thinking less about food?

12 - EATING MORE FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES – have you implemented more healthy, nutrient-dense food choices?

13 - ACHIEVING BODYWEIGHT PUSH-UPS OR PULL-UPS – are you seeing improvements to your training and smashing those push-up/pull-up goals?

14 - LOWERED STRESS – are you actively implementing stress-management techniques into your routine (like yoga/meditation/rest days/outdoor walks) to reduce overall stress/feelings of anxiousness?

15 - CONFIDENCE – are you moving through the gym and through your training sessions with more confidence and certainty? Maybe this confidence is even translating into other areas such as your social life or career?!

There are SO many other positives to your health and fitness journey that may not be reflected on the scale. You may be changing for the better in a range of ways, so if you’re finding that scale isn’t moving and it’s getting you down, remember to celebrate all the non-scale victories you may not have even realized you’ve achieved – there’s more to life than a number on the scale!

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Written By Sami Rose

Sami is an Australian EHPLabs Athlete, qualified in fitness and personal training who runs a successful online coaching business. She is passionate about health, fitness, and sustainable transformations, whilst maintaining a balanced and healthy mindset.