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Why You Need To Change Up Your Workout Routine

If you find that you are losing motivation, short on time, or just want a change of scenery, then taking your workout outside is such a great way to combat boredom and repetitiveness. Not to mention that it has so many extra mental and physical benefits! 

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Seeing your gym walls every single day can start to feel confined and restrictive. By taking your workout outdoors to the beach or a local park, you not only get to experience a different view, fewer people stealing your equipment, and the beauty of nature, but you are also forced to try something new within your workout! Using your own body weight as resistance can be underrated. The gym has an abundance of equipment on offer, however, the power of getting outdoors and mixing up your environment can be beneficial and should be considered an option more often. Learning how to use your own body will help you build strength at some of your bodyweight fundamentals, like push-ups and pull-ups. 

The power of getting outdoors is often underestimated, and for the time-poor, completely neglected. We spend our mornings inside a gym, public transport, then sit inside an office for most of the day. By taking your workout outside you are taking an extra opportunity to be in nature, which can reduce our stress and improve our mood. We feel more calm and balanced after spending time outside, especially if it is in the morning. If you find that you struggle with high stress and even depression, then it is well worth getting out to the beach or park in the morning. That extra dose of vitamin D and fresh air could be just the boost you need! 

Because nature is reducing our stress and anxiety, this, in turn, will help us to get a good restful nights sleep. We will find it easier to relax at bedtime if we have started the day in a more calm state, in nature instead of in an often stressful gym. More sleep means better productivity, brain function and higher motivation for training, work and socializing! Why not take your workout outdoors at least one or two times per week? We promise that you will notice the increase in energy and positivity! 

Outdoor training can get very hot and sweaty very fast - which is great! Just make sure that you’re cooling down and stretching properly after each workout. BCAAs are a great tool to ensure that you are rehydrating and promoting fast muscle recovery, so you can wake up ready to smash your next workout tomorrow! 

We recently created a delicious Strawberry Popsicle recipe using Beyond BCAAs, and can confirm that they are the perfect post-workout treat.

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