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Not a fish person? You might want to reconsider.Omega-3 Fatty Acids (abundant in fish and seafood products) have been shown to treat or prevent a myriad of health conditions. So many, in fact, that most experts agree that there are likely numerous undiscovered benefits of consumption waiting to be acknowledged by researchers.

Counting your macros and calories can be a bit overwhelming at first, but practice makes perfect. Follow these simple tips to get you started and help you achieve your goals faster. Once you calculate your macros for the first time, don't be surprised if the numbers look a bit different to what you were expecting!

Everyone who consumes coffee on a regular basis is painfully familiar with the 3pm crash. The added energy in the morning gets you going, makes you feel amazing, then suddenly drops you around lunch. There are several reasons for this crash, and instead of reaching for another cup to mask it, try a few of these strategies to get you through the afternoon.

One of the most commonly spread myths is that carbs are the enemy. Low carb diets are almost always trending, but severely limiting your carbohydrate intake can negatively impact your health and actually cause you to gain instead of lose weight. Read on and find out how and why to use carbs to help you achieve your goals.

Food. From how much to have, when to have it and whether or not you can have too much of it, there’s never a dull moment when discussing its value.

Going to the gym and training hard requires commitment, perseverance, and determination. It seems a shame to undo much of this effort by committing any of these nutritional sins. Make sure your diet is aligned to your training, and you’ll soon start to see the results you deserve.

Does coffee fit my macros? Do you have to drink coffee? Many people find that a coffee or two a day is not just enjoyable, but beneficial and healthy too. With a very small number of exceptions, regular coffee consumption is not something to worry about and can be considered part of a healthy, balanced diet. What is the best way to use it in your training?

If you work the 9-5, the 12 hour shift, or even just the lunch cover, you can definitely use your nutrient consumption to help you get through the day, without sabotaging your results. Follow these tips and snack ideas to stay on track with your results and fuel those crashes in a healthy way.

We all know that a glass of red wine or two may lead to an interesting evening, but what other foods can we incorporate into our lives if we wish to increase our gains in the boudoir?

It's no secret that Americans love to eat, and we eat a LOT. However, what we don't eat has remained dismally unchanged through the past three decades, meaning most people still don't eat vegetables. Most people have remained as distasteful of the green stuff as adults as they were as youngsters, but if you want to improve your health and wellness try out a few of these strategies to get back on the bandwagon!

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