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Jeremy Potvin

From 5 years in the military, being deployed in Iraq and losing two close friends in combat, to winning his first pro-card in 2014. Jeremy Potvin has undergone quite the journey.

After leaving the military after 5 years of service, Jeremy has been driven by personal development and constant progression, as the Olympian states, "I live life day-by-day".

That comes as no surprise, after the journey Jeremy has undergone to get to where he is now. For Jeremy, the biggest thing for him is impacting lives.

"I’m at a fortunate point in my life where I have a voice and reach that can impact people for the better. EHPlabs can help provide me with the platform to reach even more people to inspire and motivate them to be better in some sort of way. I can’t wait to start the next chapter in my journey with Team EHP!"