Jordan Edwards

Jordan's mission has always been to empower her followers and clients - male or female - to push for positive change and develop a body and mindset to be proud of. With a track and field background, Jordan is a frequent NPC competitor and is highly versed in the importance of matching your training with nutrition for optimal performance and results.


"Growing up, I was always an athlete. I did volleyball, track, competitive cheerleading, college cheerleading, and college track. I have always worked out in the sport I was in, but I had never started lifting in a gym until I tore my ACL. I stopped playing sports and started focusing on making my body healthy in and out of the gym. After months of strictly working out and physical therapy for my knee, I immediately started seeing changes in my body that I have never seen before. Overcoming my ACL was the biggest challenge I've ever had and it changed me completely. It really made me appreciate the little things in life."


Now Jordan runs one of the America's most successful, personalised online training businesses, using her experiences with athletics and injuries to form programs matched to her clients. The results speak for themselves, along with the thousands of happy lives that have been positively impacted by her.


"I love helping and motivating others because it gives me the best feeling in the world to know that I was the reason someone decided to get in shape, become healthier, and work towards living a longer life with their own health."