OxyShred Non-Stim Thermogenic Fat Burner is included in this bundle

My NastyFit Supp Stack is a perfect fat loss starting kit to ensure that you boost your metabolism and immunity, while curbing your appetite and improving satiety to reduce cravings throughout the day. 

OxyShred ensures you will have the fundamental supplement combination to naturally enhance your energy. Including Blessed Plant Protein as your weight management protein assists you to meet your daily protein requirements, helps you feel fuller for longer, and it also contains metabolism boosting compounds to assist with fat burning.

If you're serious about your weight loss, want to feel more energetic and burn fat, then using the right products and stacking your products in the right way is crucial. This combination of supplements is for anyone wanting to lose weight so they can look and feel their best, increase energy and focus. These supplements will help you to feel great while you are on your weight loss journey so that you can enjoy it!

On top of these, you will receive a complimentary Blessed Shaker Bottle (28oz).

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OxyShred Thermogenic Fat burner 

For optimum results take twice daily - first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and on training days, consume 15 minutes prior to exercise. Mix 1 scoop with 10 ounces (295 ml) of water.  Avoid eating or consuming a protein shake within 20 minutes after consumption for maximum absorption.


Blessed Plant-Based Protein

Mix 1 scoop with 240ml (6-8oz) of chilled water or almond milk in a shaker bottle. May be taken at any time of the day, either on its own (with water) or mixed into smoothies, yoghurt, juice etc.

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Blessed Protein Reference Guide

Blessed Protein by Clear Vegan

 Blessed Protein by Clear Vegan

Blessed Protein by Clear Vegan


Can I stack Oxyshred with other products?

Oxyshred can be stacked with Acetyl L-Carnitine to increase its already potent ultra thermogenic ability.

During fasted cardio or high intensity interval training (HIIT), we also recommend stacking 1 scoop of OxyShred with 1 scoop of Beyond BCAA in 20 ounces (600 ml) of water to give youan energy boost and improve recovery.

What is the best flavor of Oxyshred?

If you don't have a sweet tooth, pink grapefruit flavor is fantastic as it has a subtle fresh citrus flavor. Wild Melon and Kiwi Strawberry are well balanced and on the sweeter fruitier side, and Guava is a smooth natural tropical flavor. All flavors are delicious, but it really depends on your taste preference.

Can I use OxyShred as a pre-workout?

Yes! OxyShred will give you a natural boost of energy and put you in a positive and focused mindframe to conquer your workout.  Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pre-workout consumer, you’ll love the natural positive effects of OxyShred during your workout.



We recommend that you do not add OxyShred to your OxyWhey shake. OxyShred is a thermogenic fat burner drink and has a fruity flavor profile. OxyWhey is a lean protein shake and has more of a milkshake like appearance and texture, even when mixed only with water.

How does Blessed Protein differ from whey proteins?

  • → Blessed Protein is dairy/lactose free. Whey Proteins are not.
  • → Blessed Protein is alkalising at pH 7.8 for improved recovery and energy. Whey Proteins are acidic.
  • → Blessed Protein has a comparable amino acid profile including all essential amino acids
  • → Blessed Protein is low GI and Low Carb, making it ideal for supporting weight loss
  • → Blessed Protein has an all-natural great taste


Is Blessed Protein Manufactured on a Vegan dedicated production line?

Yes, Blessed Protein is manufactured on it’s own dedicated production line in our state of the art manufacturing facility, ensuring it doesn’t come into contact with any animal or dairy products. Each batch is HPLC, UPLC (Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography) and LCMS tested to ensure purity of ingredients and the absence of contaminants.

What tub size options do I have for Blessed Protein?

Our plant-based goodness comes in two different sized containers:
- 15 serve: Choc Coconut = 1lb / 480g. Salted Caramel & Vanilla Chai = 0.96lb / 435 grams.
- 30 serve: Choc Coconut = 2lb / 960g. Salted Caramel & Vanilla Chai = 1.92lb / 870 grams.

Where is Blessed Protein sourced from?

Blessed Protein is extracted from Pure Golden Yellow Pea Protein Isolate, the highest quality pea protein source available.


What flavors is Blessed Protein available in and how do they taste?

The flavors are; Salted Caramel, Vanilla Chai, Choc Coconut:

- Choc Coconut has the deliciously smooth taste of chocolate with a creamy coconut sensation. Pairs great with nuts and nut butter, coffee, caramel, coconut milk, and coconut yogurt. BLESSED TIP: Try pairing with a dash of chili if you’re feeling adventurous!

- Vanilla Chai has a smooth, creamy and sweet taste of vanilla matched with a subtle spice of chai. Pairs well with pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon, chocolate, and most nut butter. BLESSED TIP: Try heating up a cup of Vanilla Chai with your nut milk of choice for a delicious warming beverage!

- Salted Caramel has a deep, rich and earthy taste. Pairs well with coffee, chocolate, peaches, nut butter, berries, nuts, and popcorn! BLESSED TIP: Try mixing a tbsp of maple syrup and tbsp of Salted Caramel and drizzling over some hot popcorn!


How do I take Blessed Plant-Based Protein?

Mix 1 scoop with 240ml (6-8oz) of chilled water or almond milk in a shaker bottle.


What is the best time of the day to take Blessed Protein?

Blessed Protein may be taken at any time of the day, either on its own (with water) or mixed into smoothies, yoghurt or juice.


Are there any side effects from taking Blessed Protein?

There are no known issues with taking Blessed Protein, please follow the directions on the tub.


Can I take Blessed Protein if I am also pregnant/breastfeeding?

Yes, as Blessed Protein is a natural pea protein isolate (a food), with only natural flavours and sweeteners. It is truly a phyto-nutrient providing complete protein as nature intended.


Can children or babies take Blessed Protein?

Children from 12 years of age can take half the usual adult dose. (one heaped tablespoon, 1-2 times per day). Children under the age of 12 should seek recommendations from a healthcare professional, so they can assess individual needs.


If I use Blessed Protein in baking and cooking will it affect the protein content or absorption of the amino acids?

No, Blessed Protein can be used in baking and cooking, without affecting the protein content or quality of the absorption.


How can Blessed Protein help me with weight loss?

Blessed Protein helps to support weight loss because it is low GI and low in carbohydrates helping your body to control appetite and cravings. It also has a high satiety, meaning that it helps to make you feel fuller for longer.


Is Blessed Protein Halal certified?



Anything to consider before taking Blessed Protein?

If you are under the care of a practitioner for any disease or serious condition, please discuss with them, before starting any Clear Vegan or EHPlabs product.

NastyFit Supp Stack  

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My NastyFit Stack is a perfect fat loss starting kit to ensure that you boost your metabolism and immunity, while curbing your appetite and improving satiety to reduce cravings throughout the day. 

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