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If you're serious about your weight loss, looking to sleep better, recover faster, feel more energetic and burn fat, then using the right products and stacking your products in the right way is crucial.

Taken just before bedtime, OxyRem is a fat burning, non-stimulant thermogenic scientifically formulated to promote Rapid Eye Movement (REM) deep sleep, while also curbing appetite and boosting metabolism. Each EHPlabs capsule contains Melatonin, GABA and Zinc, to help with reducing symptoms of anxiety whilst regulating the sleep and wake cycles (circadian rhythms) to promote REM deep sleep.

OxyRem for Male and Female

Not only will you have a restful sleep and faster recovery from exercise, but the addition of Chromium, Raspberry Ketones and L-Theanine will promote blood sugar balance and metabolic activity. Vitamin B6 and Banaba leaf extract will assist with female hormone regulation and mood balance.

On your weight loss journey, you need to start with small steps. The most important ones that can be controlled by you are:

         • Promoting deep sleep so you’re not tired throughout the day

         • Curbing your appetite so you don’t have cravings

         • Boosting your metabolism so you are burning more calories than you normally would 


Katya with OxyRem



OxyRem fat burning cycle 



Day & Night Fat Loss Stack

Stacking OxyRem along with OxyShred and Acetyl L-Carnitine ensures you will have the fundamental supplement combination to naturally enhance your energy and act as a fat burner throughout the day, as well as while you sleep. 

Include OxyWhey as your weight management protein to assist you to meet your protein requirements and help you feel fuller for longer. OxyWhey Lean Protein also contains metabolism boosting compounds to assist with fat burning. 

This combination of supplements cover you from dusk 'til dawn, and ensures that you are doing everything possible to maximize your weight loss. Taking a step towards a happier and healthier lifestyle if easier when you have the right supplementation to accelerate your goals.