Introducing Perform

PERFORM is a nootropic peak performance optimizer with an elite blend of
multivitamins, minerals, nootropics, antioxidants, probiotics and amino acids for your peak sports performance.

Peak Performance Optimizer

Perform is the first of its kind as an elite sports performance supplement with nootropic benefits. It has been specifically formulated for both men and women and can be taken every day in a 3-capsule serving.

Each capsule contains a unique blend of nootropics, amino acids, multi-vitamins, minerals, probiotics and antioxidants.

Main Benefits

> Increased energy levels
> Enhance your mind-muscle connection
> Nootropics helping to boost your memory, motivation, creativity, alertness, and overall problem-solving processes

> Provide hormonal balance and support
> Reduced stress levels
> Aid muscle recovery

Performance Booster

Perform has been scientifically formulated in maximal optimal dosages to elevate your bodies peak metabolic functioning. Perform provides more than just multi-vitamin support, it also contains Nootropics, amino acids, antioxidants, botanicals, herbal compounds and probiotics that work synergistically to provide you with the nutrition required to help you achieve Enhanced Human Performance.

Reduced stress. More energy. Muscle recovery. Increased cognition, memory, mood & mental focus. Hormonal balance & support.

Don’t just show up, Perform.

Why Use Perform?

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The science behind PERFORM

Everything you need to know - from the lead scientist behind PERFORM, Izhar Basha.

* Results will change based on starting point, goals and effort. The biggest impact comes from combining a good fitness routine, healthy eating and a positive mindset.