Robbie Frame

Robbie Frame is the face of Australian health and fitness. Crowned as a WBFF Muscle Model Pro, Robbie practices what he preaches and lives by his methods. He is also a successful online trainer, striving to bring the best out of his clients on a daily basis.

'On a daily basis I seek to educate individuals on healthy, evidence-based training methods and diet protocols which promote flexibility, accountability and sustainability. It is my firm belief that fitness should not be reserved for the genetic elite or for those who make it their profession.'

'Fitness is for everyone. In the words of Bill Bowerman; “If you have a body. You are an athlete.” Fitness should be one of many facets in your life, not the all-consuming focus. Consequently, if I can seamlessly integrate health and fitness into your life so that it is a positive influence rather than debilitating burden then I have done my job.'


"The natural transition in becoming a qualified Personal Trainer provided me with the perfect opportunity to share my passion for fitness with others and over the past 6 years I have been determined to help others realise their personal potential. It is my mission as a fitness professional to empower people to initiate positive change in the lives through health and fitness.

To empower someone is to make them stronger, more confident and capable of taking control of their life. I enjoy my partnership with EHPlabs since they share these same core values; to empower someone is to educate them and provide them with the necessary tools required to become independent and capable of making informed decisions regarding their own health and fitness."