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A pre-workout is one of the essential supplements you should have in your arsenal. For those days when you have a huge session, or you’re lacking the energy or motivation, pre-workouts are a goldmine that will help you achieve your goals.

RP Max is a stimulant based pre-workout that provides optimal central nervous system and adrenal gland stimulation to trigger a positive homeostatic energy release, improved cognitive ability, muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

H2Drop is a versatile supplement and can be used to reduce stomach bloating, assist with progressive and steady water weight loss, or if used for advanced competition level preparation, it can act as a potent catalyst for quickly dropping water weight to achieve the desired “dry” look. Look lean, hard and dry. It’s easy with H2Drop. 

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As a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules once daily with a meal, or as directed by a health care professional. For aggressive water weight elimination for professional competition prep, take two (2) capsules three times a day with meals.

RP Max

1. Take 1 scoop of RP Max with 8-10 oz (240-295 mL) water 15-20 minutes before your workout. 
2. DO NOT exceed 2 scoops per day. 
3. To get the most benefit out of RP Max, we recommend that you only use it on training days and avoid use within 5 hours of your bedtime due to its stimulant-based nature. If you are training later in the day or at night, we recommend the use of PSI non-stimulatory pre-workout in place of RP Max.

Supplement Facts

RP Max Ingredient Profile


Will I Crash After Using RP Max or PSI?

RP Max Pre-workout should not cause any post workout crash as it focuses on stimulating the CNS and reducing the blood brain barrier to improve focus and cognitive ability. There is also a limited amount of caffeine, dosed to ensure that you do not burn out your adrenal glands and release excessive cortisol (stress hormone which causes post workout crashes). PSI pre-workout should not cause any post-workout crash as it works by increasing blood flow around your body and improving mental focus and cognitive ability. It is non-stimulatory so there is very little effect on your adrenal glands and cortisol.


What is the optimal dosage?

The recommended dose is 1 scoop per day. However, for both RP Max and PSI, we recommend you test your tolerance to the pre-workouts and stimulants by starting with ½ a scoop and building up from there as required. We recommend taking no more than 2 scoops of PSI or RP Max pre-workout per day.

Can I stack these products?

PSI works very well with RP Max. RP Max can be combined with PSI, Beyond BCAA’s and Acetyl L-Carnitine but should not be combined with OxyShred. RP Max may be stacked with OxyShred, but never taken at the same time due to high levels of caffeine. Beyond BCAA’s works optimally by taking it either during or post-workout when stacked with PSI or RP Max - this will help to deliver maximal anti-catabolic effects, improve stamina and muscle protein synthesis.


This product is suitable for those who are physically active. Always consult your physician before consuming any of our supplements. 

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I've worked with EHPlabs to create exclusive supplement stacks for my clients only! These are the stacks that I recommend, at a discounted price. Use my code SUMEET10 to activate an extra 10% discount!

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